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In The Name of GOD
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about Me


In the Islamic we start our words by the Name of GOD.

And I'm Muslim ,and we are worship the GOD (ALLAH ). And we trust in Mohamed messenger of God.

if I talk about my religion I will take more pages .

and about me my Name is Ahmed Shaban Morgan Esmail Akha, I am 22 years old ,graduate from technical school 5 years , now I'm working in Cyber internet and  I living in Egypt. in city called Alexandria.

I living alone with my mother my father is died, I was had sister but she died but she died before I born, I have tow brothers and they are married  and living far away from me I see them one time in the week .

I love Mother so much because she all I have in my life and Im worrying about her so much cause she older.

And everyday Im working and I don't have something else to do, just work.and listen to music, i like to listen to hard rock and metale,and I'm Online all the time.

if u wanna chat with me my ICQ Number 139955021.and my ID in yahoo messange (akha666) or (dimmu_borgir59)

i will be happey if we can chat .